The Woman Behind the Business

I’m Trenisha Marie!

I've help inspired people, like you, create their career purpose. You’re searching for someone who can develop a business module that’s savvy, yet affordable. I can build a step-by-step guide that is detailed and strategized for your profession.

One word to describe me best is self-driven. I live by my motto “Live and Breathe Easy” which keeps me dedicated and motivated to make courageous moves. The outcome? Rewards, education, and success!

I launched my company in January of 2016 with a life goal of using my experience and multiple degrees. In the beginning stages, I analyzed my skillset, incorporated everything I learned about business management, organized a to-do list and began my blueprint.

I was inspired by the fear of not knowing if employment was secure due to the economy or due to the company not having any full-time open positions. I was going through a financial struggle and wanted to give up. My children wouldn’t let me. They were my motivation to keep going. In the year of 2016, I started my business, was hired full-time in corporate and continued to work towards my Master’s degree. I am proud and honored to say: my name is Trenisha Marie, MBA!

I'm tax certified, Certified/Bonded/Licensed Credit Specialist, notary and a writer. I’m passionate about building other businesses, brands, helping High school students’ transition into college and entrepreneurship.   

I am from and reside in Des Moines, IA. I provide my services nationally. I have been active within my community by hosting a polish event to raise money for Lung Cancer, past Chair of Communications with the organization ‘Investing in My Future' and volunteering for numerous events.

When I’m not working, I dedicate my time with my son and my daughters. I’m my children’s number one fan. I devote time to my close friends & have "wine talk!"

**Fun Facts for you to get to know me**

  • I love studying Natural Disasters. Tornado chasing is on my bucket list
  • Self-care is the meditation for me
  • I love Eminem and 50 Cent (yes I have their movies)
  • My favorite thing to do during free time is binge Netflix & shows
  • The color Black is my favorite, followed by Blue
  • Accomplishing my annual goals are used as motivational tools
  • I have my own podcast (Credit & Coffee with T-Marie)