Career & Professional Development book provides information on what a cover letter is, resume, and references page. It provides information on what to include in each segment to have your cover letter, resume, and reference page stand out to the employer. We have included tips in each segment to give you clarification on what to submit or to include in your resume and reference page.

Career & Professional Development cost $10.00 + Shipping/Handling 

Investing 101 eBook is about how to invest, what to invest in, and why you should invest. This eBook gives a list of different options of what to invest in. It provides investment tips, a budget plan page to list your expenses, and a questionnaire to help you determine the amount you may want to invest. We have included additional questions to define your Model Investment Profile to decide what type of investor you are likely to be.

Investing 101 cost is $5 + Shipping/Handling 

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3-In-1 Special cost $22.50 + Shipping/Handling

A Guide on How to Create a Business Plan book provides detailed steps on creating your business plan. The eBook gives you step-by-step instructions for each segment of a business plan, provides special tips on how your business plan can stand out, and provides you information on what lenders look at to be approved for loans or programs.

A Guide on How to Create a Business Plan cost $10.00 + Shipping/Handling ​ 

Leadership: Let’s Make a Difference

This is our very first published book about leadership. Giving you great detail about the characteristics of a leader, what qualities a leader can endure, and traits a leader will have. Want to make a difference? Take our assessment activities to see what type of leader you are. Take note of what you can develop on to make you the best leader in your organization, community, school, or work environment.

This is coming soon. Make sure you watch for our release. A discount will be offered on our social media. ​